Create HiBid Account To Register For Frank McInenly Auctions Ltd Sales

Step 1: Go to the online site –

Step 2: Click “Register to Bid” under the auction information you are wanting to register for.

Step 3: Go down to where it says Don’t have an account? Click on Register Here  

Step 4: Type in your Email address on both lines. This is making sure your email has not been used already

Step 5: Click on Check Email  

Step 6: If the Email address you typed in has not been used it will automatically go to Complete Account Info…  

Step 7: Fill out all of the information. At the bottom it asks for a User Name, Password & Confirm Password. Make sure you use  words in here that you will remember.  

Step 8: Right at the bottom it automatically checks the Account Options. Please leave these checked.

Step 9: Click on Create New Account. If it does not leave this page, it needs something changed. Check your Address. If you  have a # or any other symbol here, it will not accept this. Please remove any symbols from your address section. Click on  Create New Account again. If it still doesn’t leave this -page you might have to use a different User Name or Password. It could  be that someone else has used it already. If you try everything again and it still will not work, please call us at 403-485-2440 to assist you further.

Step 10: Once Step 9 is completed, it will automatically go to another screen – Register. This is where you will need to place  your credit card information. This is to verify your information is correct. Where it says You must Add a Payment Method in order to register for this auction. Click on Add a Payment Method.  It will take you to another screen – Add a Payment Method.  

Step 11: Click on the box by Nickname & place your first name here. Fill in all of the rest of the information and make sure that  your Billing Address does not include any # symbols. Click on Save & Return to Registration.  

Step 12: You will have to check the box at the bottom that you Have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions of the sale  

Step 13: Click on Submit Registration  

Step 14: You are now registered for this auction. If you go up to Step 2 the Register to Bid should now be in Red and say You are  Registered  

Step 15: If you want to log out, go to the top of the screen and you will see your name. Click on the arrow beside your name and  at the bottom click on Logout.

Step 16: To log back in you will go back to the website

Step 17: Click at the top where it says Login / New Bidder  



Step 18: Type in either your user name (that you set up) or your email address. The next line you will type in your password.  Click on Log On. (If it says your user name or password are incorrect, you can simply click on Forgot your Password? And this  will automatically take you to a screen where you will type in your email address and the program will send you an email where  you can reset your password.)

Step 19: Once you are logged on, your name will show up at the top and if you have registered for the sale already, it will show  up under the sale in Red where it says You are Registered.


How To Bid At Frank McInenly Auctions Ltd Auction - Once Bidding Opens


Step 1: Login Your HiBid Account

Step 2: Bidding in the Auction

Once you're logged in, scroll through the Online Auction inventory. (In an average sale there are 10+ pages of products!) When you find an item you're interested in, go ahead and click the "Bid" button.

In the pop-up window, enter the amount you'd like to bid — then click "Confirm Bid".

Step 3: Enjoy the Online Auction - If you have any questions please call our office @ 403-485-2440

That's it! Keep an eye on your inbox after the auction ends — we'll email you letting you know whether your bids in the auction were successful. (Don't notice an email? Be sure to check your spam folder just in case)